Sixteenth Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium (ANTS XVI)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
July 15–19, 2024


There are many options for accomodation in Cambridge across a broad price range. Room rates for July 2024 are currently low relative to the average prices in recent years, but that may change as the summer approaches. We urge anyone who is thinking about attending ANTS XVI to make a reservation now. Most hotels in Cambridge offer reservations that allow free cancellation with 3 days notice (but be aware that the very cheapest rates may not allow cancellation).

When thinking about location, it is worth noting that Red Line provides easy access to MIT, and it is well worth considering options that are close to the Central, Harvard, Porter stations north of the Kendall/MIT stop, from which you can get to MIT within 10-15 minutes.

Due to track maintenance, Red Line service from Central/Harvard/Porter to Kendall/MIT will be via shuttle bus from July 12 through July 28. It will likely be quicker to take an MBTA bus that is not the Red Line shuttle; for those close to Central or Harvard the number 1 bus will take you directly to the main entrance of MIT at 77 Massachusetts Avenue, which is close to Room 10-250 where the conference is taking place.

Below is a list of hotels or bed and breakfasts that are close to MIT or one of the Red Line stations mentioned above that are currently offering reasonable rates, but there are many other options, depending on your budget. It is worth shopping around, as prices can vary signficiantly over time (both up and down, but the general trend is likely to be up).

For those seeking a lower cost option, we have reserved a large block of rooms in Boston University's summer conference residence hall at 10 Buick Street, which is located 1.5 miles from MIT (a long walk but an easy bike ride along the Charles river, or you can take the MBTA bus or subway).

These are private bedrooms in a shared apartment with a common living room and kitchen with 4 bedrooms and 2 shared bathrooms in each suite. Rooms are $97.50 per night. If you are part of a group of four that would like to room together, you can indicate this preference in the reservation form.

If you time it correctly, the quickest route from 10 Buick Street to MIT is via the CT2 bus. Take the “outbound” bus from Commonwealth Ave @ University Rd to Vassar St @ Massachusetts Ave. (travel time is about 10 minutes). It runs every half hour during the morning commute, picking up at Commonwealth Ave @ University Rd at 8:12, 8:42, 9:12 (but we recommend checking the actual times at the link above or on an MBTA app like ProximiT (iOS) or Boston Transit (Android), which use real-time data).